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( talk ) 16:32, (UTC) Templates with misnested tags The two templates probably have the same issue. It could be automated in the future. Recent changes Syntax highlighting has been a beta feature on Wikimedia wikis with text written from left to right. MusikAnimal talk 20:41, (UTC) @ MusikAnimal : I thanked you for the above post; it might duplicate the issue on your end.

I am looking for a way to scale as a proportion of page width or box width. All this template magic makes my brain hurt. I receive it in desktop view on.6-inch laptop ! RoySmith (talk) 21:11, (UTC) It's the shortcut parameter if there is one, or "yes" if there isn't. It does not happen on all pages; it does not happen in every section of an affected page. Org as an untrusted site. Tracked in Phabricator Task T198497 Resolved. A machine-generated datadump might have a harder time telling what type of content a category is meant to contain, however.

Finding out the browser version can be trickier, again. Maybe the software doesn't do it in userspace? Did the mobile view claim that it was today' s potd? They appear, very briefly, and within 1 second vanish, never to return. Whatamidoing (WMF) ( talk ) 17:49, (UTC) fwiw, I have either personally fixed it or had others with rights fix them or left messages (like this one) on many 10s of wikis over the last 6 months. G is transparent but g/120px-wkaq-DT3_g isn't. This has always been the case. If this parameter is present but empty, shortcutX reduces to an empty string. This seems to be caused particularly when copy/pasting new lines. Xinbenlv ( talk ) 15:48, (UTC) Continue to seek comments Xinbenlv ( talk ) 02:31, (UTC) @ Xinbenlv : Great idea.


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After I do log in, the hamburger menu greets me by name, but the Nearby and Watchlist buttons are missing. I am a writer and a researcher, I have zero and I do mean zero skill with technology other than type, preview, save. Now my edit window is missing the toolbar, and looks like I'm typing on a plain sheet of paper, instead of the different colored diffs that are usually there. Mice can be repaired, temporarily ryhmäseksi porno backwards fucking - but the bounce will return after a period, and it's much easier to just buy another. David Brooks ( talk ) 00:31, (UTC) Hi David. 23 PrimeHunter ( talk ) 19:20, (UTC) Why can't the time in the footer identify the time zone?